Trust Policies

Please find below a list of Trust policies. Additional school policies can be found on our schools’ websites.

Trust Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 2021-22

Policy in respect of safeguarding is determined at Trust and local authority level. The Trust policy above is issued to our schools and it is the responsibility of each school to personalise to their own context and implement such policy. Each individual school is responsible for publishing its own safeguarding policy in accordance with statutory requirements.

Attendance Policy – Primary 2021-22
Attendance Policy – Secondary 2021-22

BEP Behaviour Statement Nov 2021

BEP Curriculum Statement Nov 2021

BEP Exclusions Policy 2022

Trust Complaints Procedure

Trust Whistleblowing Policy

GDPR – Trust Data Protection Policy

GDPR – Privacy Notice – Employees/Volunteers

GDPR – School Data Protection Policy

GDPR – School Privacy Notice

– Finance
– Investment
– Anti-fraud

Health & Safety
BEP Health And Safety Policy

BEP First Aid Policy
– Educational Visits
– Medication
– Incident Reporting Procedure

HR Policies

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

All public authorities, including schools, are required under the Freedom of Information Act to adopt a publication scheme that has been approved by the Information Commissioner. The Information Commissioner’s Office has produced a model publication scheme which schools must adopt and make publicly available.

View the ICO’s model publication scheme