Our Academy Trust

As a charitable company, the Bradgate Education Partnership has both Trustees and Members.  Our Members are the Trust custodians and they ensure we operate within the scope given to us through the Articles of Association. Members attend Board meetings and contribute to the discussions.

Our Trustees are both charity trustees and company directors, and the Board of Trustees manages the business of the academy trust.  Trustees hold the Chief Executive Officer and the other members of the executive team to account. The Board supports the Local Advisory Boards and acts as a conduit between the Trust and the Academies.

Our Members and Trustees bring to the Trust a number of years experience in Governance together with a wealth of professional expertise in Charities, Education, NHS, Finance, Property, International Sales, HR and Publishing.

MembersGill HusseyJon IngletonKaren LockLiz MooreHeidi Seary
TrusteesStephen CottonDave EllisAdam LongleyPhilippa Maffioli
Liz MooreGareth NelmesEd TarelliPeter Wardman

Chair of Trustees:  Stephen Cotton

Accounting Officer:  Gareth Nelmes

Our Chair of Trustees can be contacted via the Clerk to the Board, at info@bepschools.org